Stupid Store Clerk Duped by Credit Card Fraud

January 13th, 2009 Rob Douglas

Stupid Store Clerk Duped by Credit Card Fraud:

Suspects entered the business, selected merchandise worth almost $8,000. They handed a credit card with no financial backing to the clerk which when swiped was rejected by the cash register’s computer. The suspects then informed the clerk that this rejection was expected and to contact the credit card company by phone to receive a payment approval confirmation code. The clerk was then given a number to call which was answered by another person in the scam who approved the purchase and gave a bogus confirmation number. The suspects then left the store with the unpaid for merchandise.


Editors comment:  While I hate to see any business victimized by fraud, if the employees are trained so poorly as to fall for this scam, it’s hard to feel bad for the company.

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